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Aayuzeh goes to help the people of Jajarkot.

Aayuzeh- After hearing the news of the devistation earthquake in Jajarkot, a Nepali tiktoker Aayush Singh Thakuri and Pakistani Tiktoker who were engaged in Dubai decieded to help those people who lost their home and their loved ones during their hard times. So, they decieded to raise money with the support of many of their Nepali and Pakistani Fans and were able to collect nearly 2 lakhs ruppes using their platforms.

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake that devastated Jajarkot and West Rukum districts on November 3 killed people in addition to injuring 364 others. Property worth billions of rupees was turned to rubble, with reports of 35,455 houses partially damaged and 26,557 completely destroyed. Despite being in an active seismic zone, strong earthquakes have not hit the western belt of Nepal for centuries. Seismologists have long warned of a strong tremor in the region at any time—and then there was last week’s earthquake.

Experts say while magnitude is one factor, there are others that determine the loss in a particular earthquake. Adhikari said there had been minimal loss in the epicentre Ramidanda while major destruction was caused in ridges and settlements built over river sediment.

Lok Bijay Adhikari, senior divisional seismologist at the centre who visited the earthquake-hit districts to study its impact, said that broadly earthquakes between magnitudes 5 and 6 are taken as ‘shallow’ while those within the range of 6 to 7 magnitude are ‘moderate’. Similarly, earthquakes measuring between 7 and 8, and 8 and 9, are considered ‘strong’ and ‘devastating’ respectively.

Due to the earthquake in recent days, many of the houses, schools and roads were destroyed. The people of the place were homeless, many childrens lost their schools and teachers were unable to teach them but most devistation thing was many people lost many of their family members and their closed ones. The innocent people died too.

Recently, in order to help those people, they decieded to go there personally and help them. On the way to Jajarkot, they also decieded to vlog and show their audience what they were doing and how the situation of the Jajarkot really was .

In their vlogs, we can see that the roads were very bad, the houses were destroyed and their was landslide in many places on the way so, they had to walk in many of the places.

But, after the devistation incident too, the people of Jajarkot were very Hospitable. They welcomed Aayuzeh very sweetly and also put Garlands to them. This made them very emotional too.

In one of the vlogs, Alizeh also mentions that they went there picking up the Mayor of that place and taking him with them and also exclaims that ‘ we are one of the few people to come all the way as the condition of the roads are too bad.’

In the same vlog, while giving a speech to the people of Jajarkot Aayush exclaims that he has collected those money from the ones that truly loved them and no politician was involved in the process and he has also said that he will provide track suits for the school going students for winter and other essential things for the 170 houses like rice, oil and other things too.

They have done a very good work for the people with the help of their fans and have done good use of their platforms unlike many of the tiktokers.

These words and actions helps a lot of people and also gives them the hope of surviving too.


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