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People of Terai faces difficulty due to weather.

This year many countries are facing the extreme hotness including the Canada, Newyork and even countries of the Asia such as India, Nepal and so on as the temperature has reached up to 45 degrees in Terai and up to 35 degrees in Hills and Himalayas too.

Especially, the Terai is affected by the heat. As the heat rises more and more, many people are being infected by many kinds of diseases too.

As the temperature has reached its core in Terai, many schools have decieded to give holdiay in many parts of he country in order to protect the children and teachers. As On Sunday, five students of Dhruva Secondary School in Tulsipur, Gulariya Municipality-4, fainted during lessons. Pitambar Pokhrel, principal of the school, said the students regained consciousness shortly. “Our students have been complaining of various health issues such as nausea and vomiting due to heat exhaustion,”

Bardiya has also been recording above 40 degrees Celsius almost regularly this summer.

Nepalgunj, in Banke district of the province, one of the hottest places in the country, where the temperature reaches 42 to 45 degrees Celsius during peak summer, has closed all schools until June 15 as Nepalgunj recorded a maximum of 41.3 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, according to the Meteorological Forecasting Division. so, the Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan, they postponed reopening of schools on June 11 as planned after a five-day break. The sub-metropolis plans to reopen schools on June 15, but has decided to cut back school hours by running classes only in the morning.

Due to the intense heat, people haven’t been coming out to the market area too. So, due to this reason too, many of the farmers are worried about their financial situation.

If this is the situation of south Asia, what will be the condition of the equatorial area countries.

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