A man spotted a Giant and then disappeared. What did the military do to him?

A man named Andrew Dawson spotted something very terrifying and has disappeared as the military was not very happy about his discovery.

On 14 th of April 2022, a man uploads a tiktok of him driving casually until he spots a big human like structure on the top of the mountains. It was a big giant like structure that was just standing on the top of the mountain having a whitish color with two hands and two legs like humans but having a big giant like structure according to the video that he uploads also zooming into the giant like figure. In the video, it can be clearly seen that the animal had a giant like structure just standing and staring at something not moving at all. But, the story doesn’t end there.

As he posted the tiktok of the Giant like structure, he began to get viral. His videos got millions of views, likes and comments to explore more about the Giant and post the information on tiktok as that topic fascinated most of the viewers. He also got hate and claims that he is just doing it to get viral until he made another video saying he would go and explore more about the topic and provide the information on what´s going on but the audience have to make the video viral so that he could get a sponsership from a helicopter company so that he would explore more effectively.

So, on 12th April 2022, Andrew decides to explore more and began to drive towards the location where he had seen the giant on the top of the mountain.

On 13th April 2022, he again made his way to the mountain where he had spotted the giant but he finds out that the giant like structure was not there anymore. So, he searches and ask help to some of the locals there and they say that the giant comes and goes every few days. This lead the a giant question mark for most of the people and they started to question each and everything. People were also confused and had so many questions like ‘does this mean that the giant was real?‘ ‘And why this was hidden from us if it as real?

On the same day, he again posted another tiktok claiming that he had gone to explore about the Giant more but was stopped by a CIA agent. As his statement, the CIA agent said Andrew to stop and turn around as Andrew was tresspassing. Andrew also replied to the agent saying that it was a public park and some local told him the path to go above but the agent didn’t let Andrew to go there saying that some truck was blocking the path and some environmental issue was going on and told him to go back. He also said that he would go again to that location tomorrow and film the scene as he didn’t film the CIA agent incident.

Many of the people along with Andrew didn’t understand why the agent didn’t let him go there as it was a public place according to the locals. Some of the fans were even quick to point out that the government was hiding the giant’s truth from the common people and encouraged him to go and check on the situation the next day while some of the people were worried about him as the government was engaged in that matter. Also, some of the people even called it staged as there was not footage of Andrew talking to the CIA agent until Andrew proved them wrong.

The next day, Andrew uploads a video where he woke up supar early at about 5.30 in order to find about the giant. In the video, he takes his dog along with him and drives to that location where the giant was spotted but he notices that the giant was still not there where he had spotted it the last time.

On 14th of April 2022, Andrew again posts a video where two helicopters can be seen extracting something huge from the location where the giant was seen last time. Many of the fans were confused and had some of the questions after seeing the tiktok of a helicopter taking something huge like Can it be a co-incident or are the government a part of it? Is the government hiding something from us? But no one knew the answer so the fans asked Andrew again to go check on the giant.

So, on the same day Andrew went to the location where the giant was spotted but this time it was late at night. Again the same CIA agent stopped him in the middle of the road but this time Andrew was recording. In the video the man says that the road is closed and suggests Andrew to turn around. Then, Andrew doesn’t post for one or two days and the people were going crazy. They had also created so many theories such as he was taken by the government as he reveled a big secret or He was arrested and so many other theories until he posted a video but this time with a twist.

On 17th of April 2022, Andrew posted a tiktok where he shows that he was being watched. It was late at night and he noticed a black car outside his house and when he went outside, the car drove away. After seeing this video many of the people were actually scared for his life and some even said that he would be taken away.

Then the fans comments came true. He didn’t post a single tiktok for many weeks and at that point the fans knew something was off.

But finally on may 7th 2022, he posted a very unusual tiktok. In that video, he had his hands on his pocket standing and saying that all the clips were fake and he was trying to get attention of the people to go viral but the fans immediately knew that he was being forced to say so and something was fishy as he kept seeing in the corner like someone was threaetning him to say so. After posting that video he again disappeared for some days so the fans assumed that he might had been taken away.

But on may 17 2022, he posted a video. In that video he looks very scared and looks like he was running away. He tells that the fans might not see him ever again and that his videos weren’t fake. But, in the caption he had written `To much has happened and I can’t be forced to be silent´. By this video the fans were convinced that the government were doing it all and hiding the truth from them.

On the next day he posted a video where it could be clearly seen that there was a house which looked like a military territory. He also say that the house was not there till yesterday.

After that video, he disappears from tiktok and has not posted anything till date. Wa he taken away by the government as he reveled a big secret or was he lying about all the things? The mystery has not been solved yet.

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