Aliens: US confirmed about the existance of Aliens.

Congress just heard 3 retired Air Force members testify about UFOs and ‘non-human biologics’(Aliens) and America is totally unsurprised.

Recently, US released a big and shocking news to the public and confirmed the existance of Aliens.

During a remarkable congressional hearing, former American intelligence official David Grusch revealed that the US government conducted a “multi-decade” programme aimed at collecting and reverse-engineering crashed unidentified flying objects (UFOs).This hearing, prompted by Grusch’s previous claims, attracted global interest and ignited discussions about the possibility of a government cover-up regarding UFOs.

The statement did not address UFOs that are not suspected of being extraterrestrial objects.

Not only that, the officials have also confirmed that they have talked to those aliens and asked about their technologies and about universe and they came to know that those beings are far more ahead of us in terms of universe and galaxies. Also they have said that they had found many of the UFO crashes and dead bodies of the aliens in the past from around 1950s but they didn`t share this news to the pubilc.

They have also confirmed that they only had to share this news to the public because the aliens have said to attack some of the people.

Now that the present of aliens have been confirmed but the government didn`t get the reaction that they were looking from the pubic because they kind of already knew about their existance. Some people even made fun of the announcement and said that they already knew about this news as many people have also made videos about the UFOs but they get removed after some times.

Also, this is not the first time that people of the government that were in a very high position had talked about Aliens being present this whole time and government trying to hide it from the rest of the public but nobody usually payed attention to those videos and sayings.

Well, the concept of Aliens, UFOs extra territorial human beings is not new to us. Since many years people have been complaning that they had been seeing non human biologics and extra territorial beings but the government remained silent.

They even made a secretive area called Area 51 and the activites that were done there were hidden from rest of the pubilc. Only some people related to those field were only allowed to go there and there was so much security that no even drones were allowed to be flown there.

Many people also questioned the officials to release more information about those Aliens but they have not given any official statements till now.

While the news have been spreading many people are also suspecting that this is a fake news and the government is trying to hide something very big from the eyes of the public. While some even question why this type of event only happens in the US and not in the other parts of the Earth. Nobody of Asia has confirmed that they have seen aliens while only the people from the US make videos about it.

While some of the people who believes that Aliens are real has been saying from many years that they knew about them because of the mystery of the pyramids. They say that “one block of a pyramid is very heavy and maybe they weigh around tons and not even cranes that is used to build houses can lift up those bricks but how come that the people from that age built it without any help from the technologies? Even some of the drawings inside the pyramids explains that the aliens were there at the time pyramids were built”.

What do you think about aliens. Do you believe they really exists?

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