Alizeh Jamali face reveal.

Alizeh Jamali is a Muslim Pakistani girl whose parents left Pakistan and shifted to Dubai when she was very small. Then she started her career as a henna artist and completed her studies recently, also she began to use tiktok and was wearing naquab and followed her tradition and also because she didn’t wanted to show her identity and her real face to the world. But the things changed after she met a Nepalese, Hindu boy, Aayush Singh Thakuri during a tiktok live for the first time. and today, November 23rd,2023, she showed her face to their audience.

After she met Aayush singh Thakuri, they started to gain followers and also began entertain their audience together during their tiktok live each night from then. In those tiktok live, Aayush seemed to be sure that Alizeh was going to be his wife as he was constantly flirting with her, introduced her to his family members and people seemed to be enjoying their chemistry too. But, as a muslim girl, Alizeh wanted to respect her religion and kept him as a friend. Later, she also showed some actions which gave a hint to the audience, that they were more than friends.

After nine to ten months into their friendship, they decieded to tell their parents that they were both ready to be in a relationship and wanted to marry each other to which their parents agree and they got engaged too. And she also promised to show her face to their audience after she comes to Nepal as her fans were eager to see her beautiful face.

After giving their fans a surprise about their engagement, Alizeh wrote the following statements to her instagram.:

`?❤️ , we are announcing that we both are officially engaged , the love we are receiving on revealing our engagement is insane you all have seen our journey from 02 December you all witness our friendship turning into love ? we are so grateful to have you all we are so grateful to have our supportive families ( Alhumdulilah ) ❤️ . We are from different countries and backgrounds but we spread love and positivity love is rare love don’t see boundaries once again THANKYOU SOO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE ❤️´

While some of the fans were very happy for them, their muslim fans didn’t seem to be happy about it at all. Some of their muslim fans coated `As a muslim girl, she shouldn´t be dating a boy and getting engaged to him, especially if he was a Hindu boy or The Hindu boy should change his religion and then marry a muslim girl or she should not show her face as she was wearing a naquab. ´

After many of their fans repediately commented the same things making her feel very disturbed and questioning about her religion and behaviour, she suffered from anxiety and depression too. But, her parents were so supportive and even Aayush consoled her about this matter and many of their understanding fans also supported her in that situation, she overcame her fear and said a very bold statements to her instagram accounts.

She and her sister Izma Jamali even replied to their haters and said that she did’t do parda, if she had done parda then she wouldn’t have covered her face with a mask in many of the videos and tiktok as she used to go to do henna in masks. They also apolozized saying that she shouldn’t have used naquab as to hiding her identity from the world and her parents also supported to their marriage in the future.

Now that she has come to Nepal, she has showed her face and overcome her fear from the world and is also planning to stay in Nepal for at least 15 days.

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