Ariana Grande new unreleased song “Fantacize” goes viral and she doesn’t seem to be happy about it at all.

Ariana Grande’s new unrealeased song “Fantacize” is getting viral all over the internet but she doesn’t seems to be happy about it at all. Ariana Grande’s unreleased song, “Fantasize”, is currently the seventh most-viewed song on Genius, with 76.4k pageviews. The audio has garnered over 100,000 likes, and used in more than 3,000 videos in the last 24 hours since it was leaked online.

The unreleased song’s original file name was “90s idea number 3 2.1,” but was renamed by the fans as “Fantasize,” as the word is often repeated in the chorus. Listen to the unreleased song.

However, this is not the first time that any creator’s song got leaked before it was released. Many creators songs got leaked while they were at a live stream or they accidently played the song in their car. But the question arrives as how the song “fantacize” got leaked as she neither went live and sang the song nor did she played that song anywhere.

It is also all over tiktok and has been a really popular as the creators are dancing in that song including the underaged children which is not really good. This song is not for underaged childrens to either dar or lip sync as it is about desire to be se**al for a man.

Fantacize is not actually a child friendly song as it contains some of the word which are a little too uncomfortable to hear in front of kids.

It gives a meaning that she she wants a man to come in her life and wants to give everything to him.

Ariana Grande is a very famous American singer, songwriter, and actress. An influential figure in contemporary popular music, and often regarded as apop icon in the music industry. She is a very talented singer who started her career at the age of 15.Now, she has become one of the pop icon.

She is very much famous for her music but she is more famous for her unreleased songs. She is also known to have many lovers in the past but is currently said to have split from her husband Dalton Gomez.

It is said that Fantacize, which is currently in trending is an unreleased song Ariana sang for her former boyfriends. However, there are no reports that confirm whether “Fantasize” is a real song recorded by Grande, or simply an artificially-generated song.

Ariana Grande has been embroiled in serial cheating turned homewrecker allegations after her split from her husband Dalton Gomez, and some fans are getting sick and tired of it.

Ariana Grande and Leaked Songs

Since Grande has been filming “Wicked” for quite some time now, the singer has not released any new projects since 2020’s “Positions.”

This is why fans are so eager to get their hands on any leaked songs they can find, like “Fantasize” and several others.

 However, there are no reports that confirm whether “Fantasize” is a real song recorded by Grande, or simply an artificially-generated song.

It is not confirmed that Fantacize is a real song sang by Ariana as no official statement has been released either by her nor by her production team.

A lot of people are also trolling Ariana for writing this song for someone else and accusing Ariana for cheating as the song leaked after she split with her husband.

However, it is still not confirmed that she is the owner of that song but the fans are saying that the voice sounds exactly like Ariana’s.

The fans are demanding to know the truth as to whose song is it? If it is Ariana’s then why is she staying silent?

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