Balendra Shah raps court over for bollywood movies.

Due to the bollywood movie Adhipurush, there has been a lot of controversies recently. One of which lead to bollywood movies being banned in Kathmandu by the mayor Balendra Shah.

But, the High Court had issued an interlocutory order asking the authorities not to intervene in the screening of any movie cleared by the censor board in Nepal. But the Mayor refused to follow the order of court which took over the social media.

On Thursday, Kathmandu Mayor Balendra Shah said he will not abide by the ruling of the Patan High Court that ordered the authorities not to bar the screening of Hindi movies in Kathmandu. He stated “Yasko lagi jun sukai sajaya bhogna tayar chhu tara film chaldaina ra chalna diyine chhaina [I am ready to face any consequences, but the film will not be screened and it will not be permitted for screening],” the mayor wrote on Facebook.

It is possible that Shah’s remarks that he will not abide by the court’s decision is unconstitutional and could push him into legal trouble as Article 126(2) states that all shall abide by the orders or decisions made by courts in the course of the hearing of a lawsuit. Likewise, Article 126(2) states that the Supreme Court may initiate proceedings of contempt and impose punishment in case someone obstructs the dispensation of justice or disregards any order or judgement handed down by it or any of its subordinate courts. Similarly, Article 139(2) of the constitution states that the High Court may initiate proceedings on and impose punishment for contempt, as provided for in the federal law in case anyone obstructs the dispensation of justice by, or disregard any order or judgement handed down by it or any of its subordinate courts or judicial institutions.

“The extent of punishment will be determined by the court’s interpretation and conclusion. But his expression amounts to contempt, prima facie, as no one can say that they will disobey the court.”

Though he didn’t obey the court but many people are supporting Balendra Shah for his action and his dedication towards his works. He is not only fulfilling his duties and responsibilities of being a Mayor but he is doing it to make our country a better place which should have been done by the officials years ago but no one did.

His action may be wrong in the eyes of law but his fans, followers and citizens of Nepal are with him.

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