Climate Change: A Glimpse of changing Earth.

It is not a surprising fact that over the few years earth is facing climate change. If we compare Earth from past and present, we can see that the Earth has severely suffered from climate change due to human activities as well as natural causes.

But in recent days, the consequences of the human activities have been seen. The footprints of human activities are visible in earth’s surface and the phase of Earth’s destruction is observed once again.

In Iraq, the lakes shrivel and dries up due to insufficient rain. The weather patterns also alters because of man-made climate change. But the opposite problem arises in Florida as too much water clogs the neighborhood and roads.

In California, surfers straddle waves in the ocean. In New Jersey, solar panels float in ponds, and in India, fishing nets sink into the lakes. Residents of neighborhoods in Utah meanwhile, find water where it shouldn’t be – coursing through their streets and homes.

Due to this reason, many farmers as well as citizens are also facing problems. The farmers are at the whims of the weather, with patterns being altered by climate change. In Argentina, parched lands turn crops to gray. Just outside Barcelona, new cracked, thirsty water beds appear after months of little to no rain.

Around the world many activist are constantly engaged to reduce these consequences and are giving pressure to the government as well as companies to protect the environment and our Earth.

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