Crocodile made herself pregnant?

There are many cases of animals having their own baby by themselves and getting pregnent themselves but it has recently been discovered that a crocodile has made itself pregnant and it is also one of the first cases of crocodiles.

The first case of a crocodile who made herself pregnant has been identified at a zoo in Costa Rica.She produced a foetus that was 99.9% genetically identical to herself.

It is the concept of Virgin Birth of the scientists as many of the birds and other species has also said to give birth without loosing the virginity.

The egg was laid by an 18-year-old female American crocodile in Parque Reptilania in January 2018. The foetus inside was fully formed but stillborn and so did not hatch.

Dr. Booth analysed the foetus and found that it was more than 99.9 % genetically identical to its mother – confirming that it had no father. He also said that he wasn’t surprised by the discovery as it has already been seen in many other organisms as well.

He theorize that the reason that parthenogenesis has not been seen in crocodiles is because people have not been looking for instances of them as well as many people also didn’t believe that these type of things even exists.

One theory is that it happens in species capable of parthenogenesis when numbers dwindle, and they are on the verge of extinction also this may have happened to some species of dinosaurs when their numbers dwindled due to environmental changes.

The fact that the mechanism of parthenogenesis is the same in so many different species suggests that it is a very ancient trait that has been inherited throughout the ages. So, this supports the idea that dinosaurs could also reproduce this way in ancient times.

The scientists are also researching about the concept of Virgin Births and finding ways to make it possible in humans since many years. If this happens, the concept of society will also change. It will bring a massive change in the society and would be recognized as a one of the greatest inventions.

What do you think about Virgin Births?

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