Downfall of Byju’s, India’s most valued startup.

Byju’s is an Indian multinational educational technology company, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It was founded in 2011 by Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd by teacher and engineer Byju Raveendran. Based in Bangalore, India, with offices in Palo Alto, CA, the company quickly grew into one of the world’s largest ed-tech companies and one of the top 5 most-valued private internet companies in India. BYJU’s tagline is “Fall in love with learning“.

Celebrating every type of learner, BYJU’S programs use technology to adapt to the needs of each student’s style and pace. Engagement is at the core of every experience to drive improved cognition, understanding, and learning outcomes.

Not only that, BYJU’S currently employs more than 10,000 people worldwide, including a content and research team of 2,500+ highly qualified educators and learning science experts who research and develop the curriculum.

Byju’s is an app that became excessively famous for teaching the students high level course. It was started on lockdown and has been making profits since then. It has become one of the biggest startup in the context of India. It is also known to all as news flashed that many students had topped the entrance exams such as Neet of their academic sessions using this app. So, it has also made a lot of profits since then. As of June 2023, Byju’s was valued at $5.1 billion. As of April 2023, the company claims to have over 150 million registered students.

The company also promised the parents that they would teach the children with the best possible way they can so that the future of the students would become bright. Not only that they also followed the same practice for many years which also become famous in many countries and the schools also started to do the same. But now the company is going through some serious downfall.

But the question is what is the reason behind the downfall of the most valued startup of India?

The main reason could be that After lockdown almost all the children went back to their respective schools where they were taught in the same manner that Byju’s had been teaching in the lockdown so the parents and even the students didn’t feel the need to pay for their services in order for their children to learn.

But in recent months, the company has been dogged by complaints as parents accused it of not fulfilling its promises – coercing them into buying courses they couldn’t afford and then not providing the promised services. Some also said that the firm used predatory practices to exploit customers. Also in 2021, it posted a loss of $327m, which was 17 times more than the previous year.

Not only that Byju’s has laid off thousands of employees in the past year in a bid to cut costs.Former employees also complained of high pressure sales culture and unrealistic targets. The firm has laid off thousands of employees in the past year in a bid to cut costs.

When asked to Byju’s, they denied all tese serious allegations that were made by their own past employees and parents.

The start-up is reportedly now in talks to restructure its debt load.Reports also said that there were calls for the CEO’s resignation at a shareholders’ meeting this week, but two investors at the company denied these claims.

Most sectors that benefited from the pandemic and expanded rapidly are now facing headwinds because the return to normal has been more drastic than they expected.

The company is also taking rounds of the courts and investigation is going on in this matter too.

Do you think that the app will again be famous in the market or will it collapse?

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