Elon Musk:Twitter is now “X”.

After Elon Musk became the owner of twitter, he has been seen doing some weird things to twitter from the blue tick changes to limiting the tweets per day. Now Musk has decided to change the logo of Twitter from the blue flying bird to a black X.

After Musk became the owner, there has been a downfall in the financial status and the activity of its users.

As the downfall of twitter began, Instagram also decided to take advantage of that situation and launch a similar type of app called Threads. Threads is an app that is said to compete with twitter as it not only has similar function as Twitter but also has extra features that too including the featured that twitter don`t have.

After that, in order to increase its value invite more users, now the users can post almost anything, including several hours of video. In the months to come, it is believed that they will add comprehensive communications and the ability to conduct the users entire financial world.

The updated logo was a modest departure from the original—a white “X” on a black background—and the letter was drawn with slightly thicker lines.

While the people were confused about Elon Musk changing its logo to X, Elon Musk recently explained why he decided to rebrand Twitter to X and noted that it’s more than just a name change. Instead, it represents his plans to create an “everything app.” “Twitter was acquired by X Corp both to ensure freedom of speech and as an accelerant for X, the everything app.

Mr Musk is seeking to make X into a “super app” that features not only Twitter’s existing social networking and messaging features, but also payments and banking as well as video.

The sudden shift away from Twitter, a brand experts believe was worth billions of dollars, has been a key talking point among Musk’s critics. Responding to a post claiming the rebrand wiped between $4 billion and $20 billion in value, Musk posted: “X will become the most valuable brand on Earth. Make [sic] my words.”

Will this vision of Musk be successful or will there be another downfall of Twitter?

Hwang was also surprised that the company hadn’t reached out to him about the @x account he owned and had set to private, given the corporate rebranding, but said he would be open to a discussion with the company if they wanted the handle for themselves. Typically, compensation for in-demand online usernames ranges in the thousands of dollars when sold on secondary marketplaces. But Hwang was not offered financial compensation, as it turns out — he just had the handle taken from him. That’s Twitter’s right, of course, but it’s not a great outcome for the owner.

“I did always feel like this was something that could happen,” Hwang tells TechCrunch. He said he’s fine with how it played out, hence the tweet.

“In theory, they can become a more mainstream version of Patreon or other similar platforms,” Ahene said. “Whether they succeed remains to be seen. It’s not the reason people go to Twitter today, so to reposition the company … would take significant investment and time with what’s really a skeleton team.”

The letter X also surfaces throughout Musk’s other endeavors as well, including his space-exploration venture SpaceX,  his recently launched artificial-intelligence app xAI and the Model X, one of electric car company Tesla’s earliest models. Musk even refers to his son with singer Grimes, by the name X.

“The investment is a lot in terms of cloud infrastructure — we’re talking about $40 billion, $50 billion in upfront investments,” Singh said. “Twitter as a standalone app doesn’t have the infrastructure to become an everything app.”

It has the possibility of being one of the most used and valued app in the coming future if everything goes per plan.

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