Everything about the show,`Never Have I Ever´:

Never Have I Ever is an American ‘comedy drama’ televison show featuring a very crusial age of student’s life i.e high school featuring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, one of the brilliant actress as a main character ‘Devi’. who wants to improve her life and harbours feelings for both Paxton Hall-Yoshida and Ben Gross. She is based on the show’s creator, Mindy Kaling. other side characters revolving around her story are Paxton, Ben, anesesa, and her very close best friends fabiola and Elenor. It has 4 seasons. It is available on Netflix.

Basically, it is all about the character ‘Devi’ ‘s life and the ups and downs that she faces from moving to America and losing her father at the age of 15 to getting a new boyfriend one day before going to one of the most prestigious college of all time and getting with him after the completion of their studies in order to feel mostly alive according to her.

The story tries to show that Devi is a daddy’s girl since a very small age and when they moved to America, Devi`s life changed compeletely. She was enrolled in a school where not much of a people knew about an Indian girl’s lifestyle and bullied her for being ‘a so called nerd of her class’ as she got bit by a cyotee at a party and also the death of her dad really tramautized her in every second as she used to talk to her dead dad who used to give advice if she got in trouble for something.

Not only that, in oder to be cool, she did a lot of uncertain things in her life like fantacising of a hot boyfriend, dating two boys at the same time, and saying a lot of things in front of many people including swearing infront of her mom, for which she used to get scolding from her.

It also teaches teenagers about a lot of good things as well as bad things too like teenagers should not quit their universities especially their dream colleges to become a swimming instructor at their high school. How ironic isn’t it? Never do that By the way and fighting with your best friends over a small things like stealing each other boyfriends or lying to each other about applying to their friend’s dream college and stealing their position. YEAH THAT’S HARSH.

It also teaches some of the good things like not giving up on your acadamic validation if you want to be accepted to your favourite ivy colleges and trying not to panic when you don’t get accepted to any of your favourite ivy colleges but most importantly, never stop trying to achieve your goals which may or maynot be possible. BUT HEY, AT LEAST YOU TRIED.

The show is about rollercoaster of Devi’s life where she may be at her highest peak at a moment but at a lowest point of her life at the same moment too.

After watching this show, you will cry, laugh, get excieted, feel a little turned on, miss your family and friends but there is a lot of plot twist as her life gets unpredictable like the reality.

It is also related to reality. FOR EXAMPLE: people fail but eventually get up and try again, people lose their loved ones at some point of their life, people feel special, people unwanted, and nobody is perfect but everybody has some speciality.

So, after watching this show, I can assure you that you will not want to miss a very good oppourtunity to make yourself happy and engaged in some sort of drama.

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