Everything you need to know about Suika game.

Suika game, popularly know as watermenlon game is trending all over social media right now including tiktok, and other social media platforms.

Suika game is a Japanese puzzle video game developed and published by Aladdin X. In the span of a month starting in early September to October 5, 2023, Aladdin X announced that Suika Game had been downloaded 1 million times on the eShop, it is widely being popular due to its uniqueness in the gameplay which combines falling and merging of different kinds of fruits. Suika Game is puzzle game focusing on stacking objects in a confined space, reminiscent to Tetris.

As, In the span of a month starting in early September to October 5, 2023, Aladdin X announced that Suika Game had been downloaded 1 million times on the eShop and the game achieved over three million downloads by October 2023 and became one of the most downloaded games on the Nintendo eShop the previous month. The game also became prone to unofficial versions being created.

Suika Game also features an online leader board to compare other players’ ranks online, being split between scores from “today”, “monthly” and “overall”. This leader board can keep track of the player’s own score too.

The game involves the player trying to build a high-score through dropping fruits into a container without having them overflow out of the container. To earn points the player must combine two of the same fruits together, which creates a new fruit in the game’s fruit cycle. The game allows players to view other player’s ranks through an online leader board.

It feels like Suika Game should be a fun and relaxing experience. The screen is filled with colorful fruit with little faces on them. The music is bouncy, and there are satisfying little popping noises when fruits merge together. The gameplay is simple but with a lot of facial expression. Differnt kinds of expression like scared, angry, confused, is given to the fruits like apple, peaches,melon, watermelon, oranges and much more which makes the players a little too focused in the game.

Part of the game is luck-based. The fruits you drop into the box are random. You really need a grape, but the game keeps giving you oranges? Tough luck. The physics of how the fruits interact can be pretty unpredictable too. They bounce and roll around, ending up exactly where you don’t want them to be. When a merge happens, it often triggers a cascade of other merges, shuffling around the entire contents of your box. This is extremely satisfying to watch, but can also result in unfortunate fruit placement depending on how things settle.

You should remain patient with the fruit whenever you place them. Since they’re round, they’ll roll around for a while, so they could slip out of place and cause you to put your current fruit in the wrong position if you drop it early, leading to a loss.

The larger the fruits get, the easier it’ll be for you to split the fruit types. For instance, if you have an apple, you want to have an orange next to it. That way, when you combine two oranges, they’ll combine to make an apple, then combine with the apple they’re touching.

Don’t be afraid to adapt to the situation since sometimes the game simply won’t give you the fruit you want. You can look at the Next section in the top-right corner to plan around it and know where you should place your fruit.

However there are many unofficial versions of Suika game in the play store as well as apple store.

If you do try Suika Game out for yourself, I hope your endeavors are fruitful. May your apples always fall right where you need them to.

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