From tiktok to real life.

From sitting at live on tiktok to meeting each other for the first time. Aayush Singh Thakuri “Aayu“ from Nepal is a content creator and a singer. He has released many songs that are hit. Also, Alizeh Jamali is also a content creater that is originally from Pakistan but lives with her family in Dubai.

Aayu met Alizeh on tiktok live for the first time on July 21 2021. From then they have been coming live almost daily. Nepali people love their chemistry and just like that they became strangers to friends and friends to lovers although Aayush and Alizeh has not conformed it yet but their fans believes so.

Just yesterday on May 29TH 2023, Alizeh was spotted in Tribhuvan International Airport with her sister Izzu Jamali, Bilal Khan and her mother surrounded by 2 bodyguards. It was a surprise for AayuJanta as she told to come to Nepal in september in her previous live as mentioned in her youtube vlog.She also mentioned that she only came for a week. Aayu also conforms that his new song is coming soon where Alizeh is going to be model.

Her family as well as Aayush family also supports that relationship and celebrated Alizeh’s coming to Nepal for the first time. After seeing Alizeh for the first time, Aayush couldn’t stop blushing. He blushed throughout the live too. Yesterday around 9 pm, they ended their live where they reached the milestone of 230k viewers as they came live together and the fan loved their chemistry.Then, both their families supported them and celebrated their biggest milestone of tiktok by cutting cake and eating sweets.

Not only that, Aayu also gave Alizeh a ring and though it was not a proposal ring but their fans believe that it is.

She also cooked dinner for Aayush and his family. It is also believed by her fan that she came Nepal to get married to Aayush as it is seen that she has mentioned Aayush and posted a lot of videos for him in her tiktok. It is not conformed by Alizeh or her Family but they haven’t reacted in any of these situation though it has been seen that Alizeh’s family also likes Aayush and his family.

Though Alizeh is muslim and Aayush is Hindu and both are from different countries, their fans loves their chemistry, adored their fight, supports them and encourage them to get married one day.

What do you think will they get married or not?

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