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chat gpt is an artificial intelligence chat box which was developed by openAI. It contains all the information of the web and shows that information in the form of answers. ChatGPT was launched in November 2022 and it has become a hit since then as it’s popularity has crossed over 100 million users. It has two versions GPT-3.5 And GPT-4 among which the GPT-3.5 is free for the public use but GPT-4 contains paid subscribers on a limited basis.
What does it do?
ChatGPT is a AI based chatbox that is a mimic to human conversationalist but it is very versatile. It helps a user to solve every
problem related to programming, homework, work, and so.on by using the information from the web.
Basically, it is a human made tool that helps the human for the completion of each and every work that is a difficult task for them. for example: debugging a program, writing an essay, solving math problems, finding solutions for the questions and so.on
Positive Aspect of chatGPT:
As it is an AI based technology, its main work is to help the
users in their works. It helps the people with their tasks such as: making profit in business, helping in solving questions, doing

homework , writing essays etc by generating AI based answers.
It also helps the people to gain knowledge about a certain topic and get answers of certain questions which they feel difficult to find. It is also a very reliable source on getting the information that one has no knowledge about. It is great for preparing for tests and working on a particular topic on which one doesn’t have any knowledge.
Negative Aspect of chatGPT:
Though ChatGPT helps the humans to do different types of works but it also has some negative aspects. As we know that it
helps us in many works like doing homework, solving questions, etc, it makes the students to cheat. It encourages the students to stop working for the answers as it provides every answers for them. It makes them overdependent in AI based technology to solve even a small problem which hampers their creativeness a lot. ChatGPT provides a platform for the workers to cheat their works too.
According to Elon Musk“ ChatGPT is scary good”.
As the AI based tools and technologies have been increasing, the near future is also not safe as AI can take over the world in the next 20 years.
Many countries have also started to ban the use of ChatGPT because of this reason.
What do you think about this AI tool? Do you think it is a good tool
  or not?

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