House of secrets, The Burari Case: the mystery of sucide of 11 members of a family.

On July 1, 2018, police discovered a very horrifying case where 11 members of the same family did a mass suici*e on the same day.

The Chundawat family, also known as the Bhatia family by neighbors who had lived in the two-storey house in Burari’s Sant Nagar neighborhood for around twenty years, after moving from their native town in Tohana, Haryana. The family ran a grocery shop and plywood business in the area.

The family consisted of: Narayani Devi (80), mother of Bhuvnesh, Lalit and Pratibha. Pratibha Bhatia (57), widowed daughter of Narayani Devi. Bhuvnesh (50, also spelled as Bhavnesh), elder son of Narayani Devi.

All the people wanted to know the truth behind their mass sucide and called the police. Later,It was also made in a documentary and a flim released in Netflix and Amazon Prime respectively which answered all the people’s curiosity related to the case as people had many questions related to their deaths including why they did a mass sucide? Was it a sucide or a planned murder?

Answering all the people`s curiosities, the doumentary and the movie opens up showing all the people hanging in the peeple’s tree.

The curious people were all around the house roaming around and asking for the answers related to their deaths.

In the movie:

The series commences by introducing Anya, a determined police officer, as she successfully apprehends a cunning individual involved in a credit card scam. However, her trajectory takes a somber shift when her superior assigns her to investigate a perplexing case where 11 family members have tragically died together. Initially appearing as a collective act of suicide, the situation becomes progressively eerie as Anya probes further into the circumstances.

As the story unfolds, the show employs flashbacks to unveil the Rajawat family’s past. The family’s patriarch, a former police officer, conceals a shadowed history. The seemingly trivial incident involving his son, Bhuvan, emerges as a pivotal event that contributed to his downfall.

At the heart of the narrative are the Rajawat siblings: Aadesh, Bhuvan, Babita, and Kavita. The unsettling incident transpires a mere week after Babita’s daughter, Anshika, becomes engaged. Initial suspicions focus on Aman, Anshika’s fiancé, as investigators strive to decode the riddle surrounding the family’s tragic demise. Yet, the tale’s layers are intricate, uncovering that there is more beneath the surface.

As the series advances, the story weaves a tapestry of the past and present, painting a haunting portrait of a family burdened by secrets, unforeseen turns, and concealed motives. The quest for the truth evolves into a psychological exploration, compelling the characters to confront their own inner conflicts while untangling the enigma shrouding the Rajawat family.

When 11 members of the Bhatia family killed themselves in north Delhi’s Burari, all eyes were on 11/11 rules,As in the story, it is also shown that everything is arranged in the 11/11 rule which includes that there were 11 members in the family, the plot was 11/11 and 11 plastic pipes that protruded out of a wall of the house. It aroused interest in those passing by and served as an identification mark for the infamous building. Today, the pipes are gone and the holes sealed.

Lalit’s trauma and early signs of psychosis were ignored by the Chundawat family when he showed harrowing emotional displays, such as hallucination, and he became mute and actually, Lalit is believed to have masterminded the incident. The crime branch believes that Lalit and his wife Tina were responsible for tying the hands and legs of the family members. Lalit had told the family members that the soul of his father had entered his body in order to get the family to follow him.

And, according to that word of law that the family attempted a badd puja — a religious ceremony invoking a banyan tree, that led to the death of the entire family. It is revealed that none of them were meant to die, as the dead father would save them.

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