Indian movies have been banned from screening in Kathmandu valley.

Recently, there has been a big controversy after the trailer of an Indian movie (Adhipurush) was released. The movie have some serious obligainabale dialogue due to which the people of Nepal, as well as the Indian residents are also criticizing the movie Adhipurush.

Adhipurush is a movie about the Ramayana. It is a movie about the epic story of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Lord Ram where Lord Ram defeats the Ravan who kid*apped Mata Sita with the help of Bibhishan, Lord Hanuman, and the Banar sena.

The movie `Adhipurush´ is being criticized by many people as they believe that it does not cope up with the real story. Some of the examples are as follows:

  • The main reason is that in Adhipurush it was said that Mata Janaki (wife of Ram) was born in India as per the dilouge which is not true at all. She was the daughter of Nepal.
  • Another main reason is the dilouge, IN ADHIPURUSH, the dilouges of many people including Lord Hanuman itself is not good at all. The modern langauge has been used by many people which didn`t make any sense in the movie.
  • The role of Ram didn’t match up with the real Ram as the actor who was doing the role ( Prabhas) was always shown angry but the real Lord Ram never is angry and there is always a smile in his face.
  • The Ravan does’t ride a bat according to the Ramayana.
  • The Ravan is a Brahmin, a Bidhwan but he is seen feeding meat by his own hand to his bat.
  • According to the Ramayana, the Lanka (Palace of Ravan) was made up of pure gold and was the beautiful palace but in Adhipurush, the Lanka is shown to be black and made up of rocks.
  • In Ramayana, it is said that Ravan is said to wear a lot of gold and a big crown but in Adhipurush, neither any traces of gold is seen nor the crown.
  • The Ravan is the king of Lanka but in the movie he is seen to be polishing the sword.
  • Bhibhishan (the brother of Ravan) who betrays his own brother has a major role in the Ramayana but in Adhipurush, his wife is said to have the major role rather than him.
  • As the Ravan is said to be blessed with the power of being immortal by Lord Vishnu, Bhibhishan (his brother ) only knew what would defeat him but in Adhipurush, Ram defeats Ravan without Bhibhishan telling him where to hit so that Ravan dies.

Though there are a lot of other reasons on why the movie has been cancelled not only in Nepal by the politicians but also in India by the people but these were the main ones.

As per the dilouge stating that Mata Janaki was born in Nepal has been replaced by the makers by the threaten that it may lead to Indian Cinemas getting banned in Nepal by Balen shah and the continuation of Indian Movie was seen But, due to the makers words and the dilouges, the Indian cinemas has again been banned in Kathmandu valley from monday.

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