India’s worst rail disaster in decades.230 killed, 900 injured in three-train crash.

We know that India is one of the richest country in railways. Along with the increase in population, India has also expanded its way to railways and is after developing it is rear that we hear rail crash from these kinds of highly advanced countries.

Recently, there has been rail crash after decades.

The deadly collision occurred after one passenger train collided into coaches of an already derailed passenger train that had tossed into the opposite track, Indian authorities said.Both trains then derailed.Also, in these train crash 230 cannot make it and almost 900 were injured.

One of the main reason for this accident is that India’s extensive rail network suffers from aging infrastructure and poor maintenance.

“Around 7 p.m., 12841 Coromandel Express, which runs between Shalimar and Chennai, around Balasore, 10 to 12 of its coaches derailed and tossed over to the opposite track. After some time, another train, which runs between Yesvantpur and Howrah, dashed into those derailed coaches, which resulted in the derailment of its three to four coaches,” according to the railway spokesperson.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tweeted his condolences on Friday.

Images from the scene showed rescuers attempting to find survivors in a damaged rail carriage. Video footage also showed upturned coaches littered across train tracks, and people climbing a mangled train carriage.

The cause of the catastrophic crash has yet to be determined as the investigation is still going on.

As they are sending additional doctors, ambulances, buses so, they have not thought of asking what happened and how it happened.

May the departed soul rest in peace in hevenly adobe and the injured person recover soon.

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