Manipur:Women paraded naked in violence-hit stateWomen paraded.

A video showing two women being paraded naked by a mob in the north-eastern state of Manipur, hit by violent ethnic clashes, has sparked outrage in India.

Incidents of victimized women occurred in May but video was shared on social media Wednesday. A video showing the assaults triggered massive outrage and went viral late Wednesday despite the internet being largely blocked and journalists being locked out in the remote state. It shows two naked women being surrounded by scores of young men who grope their genitals and drag them to a field .The horrific video of the two women was widely shared on social media which also shows them being dragged and groped by a mob of men who then push them into a field.

The police say they have opened a case of gang rape and arrested a man, adding that others will be held soon.

However, sporadic violence and killings resumed soon afterwards and the state of 3.2 million people, which shares a border with Myanmar, has remained tense since. Hundreds have been injured and more than 40,000 have fled their homes.

On Thursday, parliament’s session in Delhi was disrupted as lawmakers demanded a debate on the issue.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke more than two months of public silence over deadly ethnic clashes in India’s northeast, saying Thursday that the assaults of two women as they were being paraded naked by a mob in Manipur state were unforgivable. “My heart is filled with pain, it is filled with anger,” Modi said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said the incident had “shamed India” and that “no guilty will be spared”. “I assure the nation, the law will take its course with all its might. What happened with the daughters of Manipur can never be forgiven,” he said, finally breaking his silence on Manipur more than two months after violence erupted.

Just as Modi concluded his statement, Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh tweeted that state police have made the first arrest in the case.

“A thorough investigation is currently underway and we will ensure strict action is taken against all the perpetrators, including considering the possibility of capital punishment,” said Singh, who has been accused by rights groups and some of his own BJP lawmakers of failing to tackle the violence.

India’s Supreme Court, meanwhile, expressed its concern over the assault and asked the government to inform the court about the steps it had taken to apprehend the accused.

Today, from a 6 year old girl to 60 year old women, none of the girls and women are safe around the globe. The men have become so violent that they are also not even sparing their own wife, daughter and strangers too and post it. Similarly, A video showing two women being paraded naked by a mob in the north-eastern state of Manipur, hit by violent ethnic clashes, has sparked outrage in India.

This kind of incidents are not uncommon all around the globe as through many years these incidents are taking places especially in Asia. The women are being rap*d, tort**ed, and god knows what. But these incidents must come to an end. People need to understand that the women are also someone`s daughter, someone’s sister and someone’s mother.

The governments should also make strict laws and rules regarding these matter. Strict punishments should be acted on those who are found guilty in this matter. They should be aware of the rules and regulations and people should be scared of the punishments that is given to those who are found guilty in these matter so they wouldn’t dare to do something like that in future.

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