Moon A.K.A. Monika Thakuri is no more.

The shocking news is coming out that the Popular Tiktoker, Youtuber, content creator, model and Influencer Moon (Monika Thakuri) is no more. Monika Thakuri was a well-known Cupid Show participant and producer of TikTok material. She used to make tiktok with a lot of her influencer friends including Lemon Thakuri, friends of Ryder Prashant and come live with Aayush singh Thakuri, Cool Boy and so.on.

Her uncle Pradip Singh Thapa, the director/producer of the Nepali film industry at Thapa ji Films, posted the news of Monika Thakuri’s passing on Facebook. According to some sources, Monika Thakuri committed suc**de. Acoording to her friends, she was suffering from depre**ion but the real cause of it is still unknown. Even her family is unsure of the precise reason for her demise.The topic of conversation right now is how she d*ed. While some claim they haven’t yet believed the news, others assert that she died as a result of online abuse for participating in the Cupid program. Even her family is unsure of the precise reason for her demise.

People are already making assumptions about her cause of death and arguing that su**ide is not a realistic solution to problems as she used to get a lot of hate in the social media by many people. As she never shared about her depression and troubles online and was always entertaining people, her audience does not believe about her demise and some of them are also saying that it is all staged to gain sympathy.

Yesterday, her brother also reveled some screenshots of their chats apologizing for not being available while she was suffering. There are screenshots of her mother conversation conforming about her demise too. Popular tiktoker like SasaFF who was also one of the close friends of Moon also shared some of the conversation and apologize for not being there for her in her hard times.

But most importantly, many people are mocking about her demise and sharing it online which is not good at all. Though they have the right to ask if the news is true or not as they maybe concern about her but many of the people are going into someone’s live and mocking about her demise and asking creators to call her family members in live on speaker. Not only that, they are also creating fake accounts to spread that news and gain followers. Though many creators are doing it on live but many creator are angry about this subject matter as it is a very serious issue and people should not be mocking someone by creating a fake account for some likes and views.

We believe that depression is not a joke and every person has a right to be mentally healthy. So, we request everyone to share your bad days with your loved ones and take care of them too.

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