Natural Disaster damages 31 houses in Sindhuli.

Monsoon has started in Nepal. With the mansoon, many natural disasters such as landslides and floods are also occuring in many parts of the country.

The landside and floods that occurred this morning damaged 31 houses in the Bitijor area of Golanjor Rural Municipality-2 in Sindhulhi district.     

Ward Chairman Daulat Karki informed that the landslide occurred after incessant rainfall caused the overflows of local streams. The debris flows killed five pigs and 60 chickens belonging to Chitra Bahadur Majhi from Kukhuretar.     

Most of the houses from Kukhuretar, Tinmane, Katahare and Bhalukhola received damages. Detailed information on the loss and damages is being collected.

As it is the time to harvest many kinds of cash crops but due to the natural disasters, the local farmers are also getting worried as the crops such as maize are being damaged.     

Not only that, the rainfall is also affecting many people who are engaged in different kinds of jobs and services. It is also troubling the students all around Nepal especially the students from rural areas and hilly areas as there has been a lot of cases of landslide these days.

We pray that the natural disasters doesn’t trouble anyone and may the injured be recovered.

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