No private hospital beds for poor.

We Nepali believe that private hospitals charge a lot in order for them to do their work efficiently and effectively but is that really true?

Today, we have witnessed many of the poor people suffering in the private hospitals to get beds too. The private sectors are very much careless these days especially after covid. They say all the patients are equally important for them but they refuse to act so as hospitals run by the private sector are blatantly ignoring the mandatory 10 percent free bed allocation for the needy.

Gyanumaya BK, a 69 year old female who works as a labour has been suffering from severe back pain for a while now.The resident of Pokhara-15, BK visited the Metrocity Hospital in Srijanachowk seeking treatment five months ago has already spent over Rs50,000 on follow-up checkups and medications. she spend eight days in the hospital in January and has been paying off loans she had taken to pay her bills and for follow-up visits to the hospital though she had borrowed money to pay her bills.

Was BK aware about the private Health Facility Operation Standards-2020 which private hospitals must adhere to?

As per the regulations, hospitals must set aside 10 percent of their total beds to the underprivileged and needy.

The hospital authorities say they give a 10-15 percent discount on the final hospital bill as opposed to dedicating 10 percent of their beds and free treatment and medications to the less privileged.

“The hospitals also claims that they give discounts, but most hospitals have not even been able to show us the proof. “Legal actions should be taken against the hospitals that fail to submit a monthly report on the free services for the poor. More importantly, they must be liable for flouting government standards that aim to benefit the poor.”

The department’s chief of health services Dr Ramesh KC says that they have been working on updating information of health services in the Gandaki region. However, hospitals have failed to submit their mandatory monthly reports.

Is this right?

These days no one is there for the service despite being engaged in social service sector which also includes the workers of hospitals. They all think about their profit and their money instead of helping the poor and giving them the proper services. These days not only governmental officers, important personalities of the society such as doctors and nurses are also taking bribes and doing the things said to them by the providers by which many people are also dying.

Is the society leading to a good direction?

But, the worst thing is that everybody knows about this topic but nobody dares to say a single word to the respective authorities and they let the poor die.

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