People are not happy with the decision of sending elephants to Quatar from Nepal.

Nepal is set to gift two elephants to Qatar, marking the first time the country will gift elephants to the Gulf state. This initiative is part of Nepal’s ongoing practice of gifting various wildlife species, including rhinoceroses and elephants, to other nations.

Recently, the Amir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani concluded a two-day state visit of Nepal. This visit has further elevated the bilateral relationship between Nepal and Qatar to newer heights, as important discussions and deliberations took place between the top leadership of both the countries.

It is believed that this visit has instilled confidence in President Ramchandra Paudel and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ to enhance the partnership between the two nations for a brighter future. Discussions during the visit have shed light on the benefits and potential of the relationship between the two countries and how to advance it further. 

For the first time, a Head of State from Arab countries has visited Nepal. The visit itself is historic. Since this visit includes representation from Arab nations for the first time, Nepal considers it a significant event.

The invitation extended by President Ramchandra Paudel adds further significance to this visit. I have personally felt that this visit has been accorded great importance from the Qatari side as well. In a situation where efforts have been ongoing for a long time, I am also making continuous efforts. It is under this context that this state visit has been successful.

The elephants to be gifted are hybrids of a wild elephant named Ronaldo. Khagendra Prasad was born in Magh 2076 BS at the Khagendramali post in East Chitwan. At nearly five years old and weighing 1,190 kg, Khagendra has been trained and cared for by Jadu Singh Tharu since birth. The Khagendra Elephant Breeding and Training Center, where he was raised, is a major attraction for both domestic and international tourists. Khagendra is known for greeting tourists by garlanding them.

Rudrakali, the female elephant also set to be sent to Qatar, is five and a half years old and was born at the same breeding center from Poojakali. After Poojakali’s death when Rudrakali was just three months old, she was closely monitored by at least two caretakers. Now weighing 1,200 kg, her routine is similar to that of Khagendra, and she is known for her good health and trainability.

Many people are not happy about this decision of Nepal Government to gift these animals to other countries.

Many people stated that the wild animals are not owned by Prachanda itself and he has no right in deciding on what animals to give to other countries as it is the property of Nepal and not Prachanda itself.

Others are however pointed out that the elephants cannot live in the Quatar due to its weather. The elephants were living in their natural habitat in the jungle as they are wild animals that were taken cared by some people but in Quatar, they will be forced to do many kinds of works and cannot servive in that habitat as it is naturally very hot in Quatar and even the king will have to take good care of those wild animals in these kinds of habitat which will be very difficult.

To date, Nepal has gifted 47 wild animals to various countries, including 120 crocodiles and crocodile eggs, with rhinoceroses being the most frequent gift at a total of 26.

However, This visit has notably shifted Qatar’s perspective. Two points are evident. Firstly, while Nepal traditionally sent unskilled labourers to Qatar, the country now seeks skilled workers due to a decline in its own construction activities. We have consistently advocated for this in various forums. Nepal presents promising opportunities, akin to IT, and across other sectors. Qatar’s government has positively acknowledged proposals from the Nepali government. This indicates a potential flux of highly skilled workers to Qatar in the future. However, we recognise the need for improvements on our part.

However the elephants are already sent and may have reached till date.

What are your thoughts on this?

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