Rajan Shrestha-A man that wears dead bodies clothes.

Rajan Shrestha-A Nepali man named Rajan Shrestha, was recently interviewed by Bhagya Neupane and posted the video on Youtube. In that video, the man claimed that he didn`t had a house and used to wear all the clothes of the dead from the last 5 months in Chatra’s Arya Ghat (where the dead people’s bodies are burnt) in Nepal.

But the question arises here that what is a skilled person such as him is doing there putting the clothes of the dead and putting the garlands that were placed above the dead bodies? Does this man seriously needs help or is he just doing everything for the views?

In the video, the man is wearing about 8 caps. He tells the viewers that he is wearing dozens of shirt and pants of the dead and also claims that he has a bed made and filled with all the dead people’s clothes in his bed. He says that he has about 150 of the shirts in his bed only and many more pants and caps and hats that he received from the dead people and that belonged to them.

He said that he had finished nursing, and was very skilled in computer and other things too. He told that he wanted to be the prime minister of the country and also tells the viewers that all the people who comes in contact with him also tells him the same after seeing how talented he was and how he could remember all the minor details about everything from license number to what was written in the back of the buses.

While the man was being interviewed, he told all the small details of buses and other informations including the number plate of the buses that he had seen, the police’s name and his jeep’s number, the schools that he read from a very small age and their established dates etc and many more information about the place like he had been living in that place for an eternity but he claims that he had just moved in that place about 5 months ago.

While the interviewer says don’t you have a home where you live why are you living this life among the dead people and wearing their clothes? Then the man explains that since he had no parents, he thought of living this life as he was all alone. He also curses his life and his parents that he had no citizenship and passport and hence he couldn’t go abroad and also work and get a normal paying job too.

The man reveals that his dad was an inspector but left him when he was a child and about 4 years and now he is hiding and living somewhere in Biratnagar. He also tells that his mom also left him when he was young and ran way with another man and the man also was found dead while he was thinking about him and barried him in the forest of Dharan.

While the people there also confirmed that he needed help and he was not just a normal person but an extraordinary person that lived there. As he knew all the plate numbers that he had seen and could be basically anything and everything.

He also said that he hated a person that drank alcohol or smoked and also advised the interviewer not to drink or smoke and stay away from people that did the same as it could kill them very quickly. He stated” if you want to live a long and healthy life, don’t drink alcohol or smoke anything and also stay away from people that did the same”.

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