Ramechhap Community School’s computer sets are gathering dust.

Today, the computers have became one of the most important factor of one’s life. The use of computers have become the most important factor not only in financial sectors but also in educational sector. Children can learn everything with the help of computer these days. Considering this factor, the Government of Nepal had spent Rs13 million five years ago on computers for 20 community schools to run computer classes.

The then-District Education Office in the fiscal year 2017-18 spent Rs13 million on the purchase of computers and other equipment to conduct computer classes in20 schools in Ramechhap. Each school received Rs650,000 for the procurement of the machines and for setting up computer labs. But only one school—Chandeshwari Secondary School—in Ramechhap Municipality Ward 1 has been conducting computer classes.

Surke Deurali Secondary School in Doramba Sailung, purchased computers to run

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