Real truth about “The Kerala Story”.

The Kerala Story is a real life incident based movie whose trailer was released on 26 April 2023 that tried to expose some big things regarding Kerala and Muslim Religion. But is it a true incident?

The Kerala Story talks about the story of many women who are brain washed, converted to Islam and recruited to IS*S from many years. It talks about those 4 girls that had the similar stories and tries to make an awareness in the society by telling the real life based incident in the form of a movie.

But the real question is is the story 100% real or made up just to increase its popularity?

Well, though the movie is claimed to be a real life incident based movie but half of the story is not true at all.

In this movie, it is shown that 32000 women are brained washed, converted to islam and recruited to IS*S have gone missing. But the real truth is only 2 of those girls have been converted to islam.

The film makers clearly followed the technique of emotional blackmail in order for this film to work but they made a really big mistake by making up half of the story and hiding the truth.

What do you think about it?

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