river overflow: Bagmati river overflowed causing different types of calamities in Nepal.

There has been rainfall for quiet sometimes in Kathmandu now due to which the Bagmati river overflowed in Kathmandu causing different types of natural calamities, Submersing different types of infrastructures such as temples, houses, colleges, offices etc in different parts of Nepal.

In the capital Kathmandu, the heavy downpour past midnight has flooded roads and submerged temples.

According to reports, One person has been killed while six others have gone missing as a landslide swept houses in Central Nepal after heavy downpours till Tuesday morning.

The rains, which lash the Himalayan nation from June to September, kill scores of people every year, and many more go missing as the monsoon triggers landslides and floods.

This year, 38 people have died and at least 33 people are missing, Mana Acharya, an official at the home ministry said.

In the capital Kathmandu, the heavy downpour past midnight has flooded roads and submerged temples. The water level at Bagmati and Bishnumati rivers along with their tributaries have burst the embankments entering the residential areas.

Rescue workers are also searching for another 6 people who have gone missing after a landslide swept away their home in a village near Kathmandu and in different pars of Nepal.

Roads are covered with rain water throwing daily life out of gear and triggering the authorities to send alerts about further embankment outbursts. Corridors that run along the river embankments have been water-logged and flooded throwing the valley’s traffic out of gear.

Not only that, there has been reports of landslides too. There is a massive chance of landlside to occur especially in the hilly part of Nepal. As Nepal has hills which is nearly impossible to climb or settle in some parts of it but still people are willing to stay there. So, in those parts is a high possibility of landslids to occur too.

If landslide occurs in this critical situation, many people will be injured and many can even d*e. Not only that, it will also be difficult for the rescue team to rescue them as the landslide will occur in the difficult place.

Rains have also caused the Bagmati river in the Kathmandu Valley to breach its banks, flooding areas of the region that is home to about four million people.

The Flood Forecasting Division has asked all to be on high alert as there is a possibility of flash floods in the Godavari, Hunumante and other rivers.

Landslides have also blocked a major highway connecting the capital with the southern plains, police said.

Similarly, according to the Meteorological Forecasting Division, there will be normal to complete change across the country today. Light to moderate rain with thunder and lightning is likely in many places in the hilly and some other parts of the country. There is a possibility of heavy rain in one or two places in Far West and Province 1.

Heavy rain in the Kathmandu valley since Sunday midnight has inundated scores of houses as well as several roads and parks by major rivers in the capital.

Police report as many as 382 residential houses submerged in floodwater of Bagmati, Dhobikhola, Bishnumati and Tukucha rivers in the Kathmandu district alone. Police rescued 138 people to safety from these houses.

In order to avoid these situations, we need to plant more trees not only in the hilly region but also in the Terai region. We should dispose the wastage properly and not in the river so that the water remains clean. We should manage our surrounding and keep our surrounding clean so that not only us, other people can also be safe from different kinds of diseases and viral infections.

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