Streetbites:Where every flavor tells a story.

Streetbites is an Authentic Indian Street Food cafe located at Anamnagar that is opposite to BhatBhateni super market, Kathmandu, Nepal. The place is very hygienic and it offers a large variety of special and delicious food items where you can choose the items that you like but i can tell that every item you try is deliciously modern and with the taste of a lot of spices in your mouth. The first bite will blow your mind. The second will transport you to another dimension.

Fresh food, fresh ideas:

Streetbites is a place Where Every Dish is a Journey. Like the saying “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”, here you can find great happiness expressed in foods. There is variety of options to choose from and every option of food is extraordinary. The flavors of life are just a bite away. You can enjoy the fresh foods and new and fresh ideas everytime and you will not ne disappointed even a single time. The foods ranges from vadapau (which melts in the mouth), sandwich ( which is all grilled), sahitukda, and ofcourse panipuri and jhalmuri which is just mindblowing and feels like heaven. And the interesting thing is each and every item comes in variety of options where you can choose the item that you desire to eat and you will not regret even a single bit.The food is just Something you’ll remember your entire life.

Streetbites also provides varieties of options in drinks too. From cold drinks such as ruabja, soda sikanji and many more in cold drinks and masala chai in hot drinks are just flavorful. You could say, it is the best food, made by good people.

The food served is also really hygienic and budget friendly. The raw materials used for preparing the items are really of good quality and really good. The raw materials are also fresh and the food is also served fresh and by maintaining hygiene too. The owners themselves are serving and also are looking after the food and checking time to time on how the food is which is a plus point for hygiene.


Speaking of good people, it was started by Mudit Murarka and Abha Murarka from Janakpur, Nepal on 2nd november 2023. They are very friendly and the services are also really quick.


The ambience is very lively and smooth. It is a small place but is ultimate luxury. Due to its small setup, the service is also really quick and the food you get is also really of good quality and with a delicious taste. It is a great place for spending time with your loved ones, family and friends too. The store is also asthetic which is also a plus point for clicking pictures involving lights and cool designs on the walls.

As you enter the place, you are welcomed by a magnificent setting, a delightful colours and style of the furniture and the luxuries of modernity. Sitting in any table you have a wonderful view of the workshop-like kitchen where you can see the chefs working and pictures of the old times displayed on the walls.

In conclusionthis street food cafe is a must-visit for anyone in or outside the area looking for a warm and welcoming spot for a quick bite or a leisurely drink. I will definitely be back soon to enjoy another cup of their delicious masala tea and also enjoy the taste of the foods and spices which melts in the mouth.

“Food is the ultimate equalizer. It brings people together from all walks of life” . So i would recommand to go here with your loved ones to try the amazing dishes.

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