Student’s protests for their rights in Himalayan Whitehouse internatnational college.

Himalayan Whitehouse International college is situated in Subhidhanagar, Tinkune which is best known for its academic success as it has been serving in the education sector for many years in many sectors such as science, law, management etc but desipte of it being a very academic success, why did the students came out and protested for their rights? What really lead to their protesting against the college and demanding for their rights?

Himalayan WhiteHouse International College which was established in 2001, is envisioned as a Center for Excellence in Science, Management & Humanities education for Plus 2 situated in Subhidhanagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu.

The College is a vibrant community teaming with students and collaborating with academic experts; a hub of innovation and creativity. They offers academic programs that facilitate the overall development of human personality in all dimensions-intellectual, physical, social and spiritual.

As per the news media, the students of the Himalayan Whitehouse International college began protesting in order for the college to fulfill their needs and provide them their right from 19TH of december 2022 to 20th december 2022. While they were protesting, the college also took help from the police and the students became more furious and even contacted some of the social news channels demanding the college to recognize their problems.

But the question arises, why the students were protesting?

According to some of the students, the college called a new DI also known as The Discipline In charge in the college to check the discipline as well as the focus on the student’s more effectively but they didn’t liked the new DI as he would take their mobile phones, their scarfs, jackets and warned and threaten them to not wear or bring such kind of items in the college.

Later, the students of Himalayan Whitehouse International College, Tinkune also exposed that the new DI had done Se**al A**ult to the female students of the grade 11th and 12th while giving the reason of checking weather the students have brought mobile phones to the college or not.

While the College administration realized their negligence and posted a press release in the official website of the college saying:

”They believe that Himalayan WhiteHouse International College is committed to the development of an extraordinary community of learners who learn with & from each other. The academic and professional programs at Himalayan WhiteHouse International College are adopted to suit the local and global demands of aspiring professionals, employers, internal human resources and other valued stakeholders as well as They follow the latest approach to leadership and entrepreneurship for individuals who aspire to build enterprises on their own.

The college administration has drawn serious attention to the unwanted activities of this Himalayan Whitehouse International College since yesterday, 2080 Push 3 at 11 am and 2 pm. The college administration has full support in the investigation conducted by the police administration regarding complaints from students in this context.

It is a fact established by our deeds in the past 23 years that ‘safety and best interest of students’ is our institutional mantra. We are always ready to address other complaints of students and apologize to the entire students and parents for the impact of unexpected activities caused on students’ daily reading.

We are extremely concerned about the activities that have negatively impacted the future of illegal students in the college over the past few moments and would like to inform the police administration that we have already filed a complaint to investigate truthful facts and provide justice with evidence available.

The college administration is committed to conduct study-teaching in the college as soon as possible by continuous communicating with all concerned people. During this time we also expect help from all concerned parties”.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. I had a great time with that, too. Despite the high quality of the visuals and the prose, you find yourself eagerly anticipating what happens next. If you decide to defend this walk, it will basically be the same every time.


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