The increase of temperature.

In Nepal, the excessive global warming is seen as the temperature of the terai has reached up to 45 degrees and hills up to 35 degrees. With the increase of the temperature, many disasters are taking places. Not only that but the birds and animals are also dying. Likewise it is also affecting the aircrafts and other sources of travelling not only in Nepal but in other countries too.

Flight turbulence has increased as climate change has warmed the planet, researchers say.

The childrens are also dizzy and dehydrated so the schools have also decided to give holidays in many parts of the world.

The Newyork was also covered in yellowish smoke and the people could not do their usual activities and many major events of Newyork were also cancelled due to the same reasons few days back as it lasted many days.

Canada also experienced wildfire due to volcanic eruption and climate change and many of the wild animals also died in that fire too which was devistating.

Many countries were also experiencing extreme hotness including Nepal as the temperature has reached 45 degrees in Terai region and above 35 degreed in the hills and Himalayas.

Many birds and stray animals are also dying due to dehydration all around the globe.

The people are also suffering from different kinds of diseases and extreme sunburns when they go out and some of them were so severe that they had to be admitted to the hospitals for many days especially the small children who goes to the school and the adults who goes to the office to work.

Some of the schools and colleges are not giving holidays in this extreme hoteness and the children are not happy about it at all so they are also protesting and asking the government to punish the people who do not follow the orders given by the government.

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