The Ongoing Battle to Register Home-Grown Yatri Electric Vehicles in Nepal.

Yatri is a Nepal based company which aims to Design, Engineer and Manufacture world-class electric vehicle from scratch which was founded in 2017. For the past five years, it had been working to develop performance focused-electric vehicle from the ground up in Nepal. Finally, it has successfully launched the `Made in Nepal´ project, `Project Zero´and `project one´P-1 electric bikes and it is available for reservation.

However, we are also aware of the fact that Nepal is a developing country. we are still struggling to bring changes here. Same thing happened to the Yatri’s motorcycle too. Although Section 20 of the Motor Vehicles and Transport Management Act 2075 for Bagmati has mentioned registration for ‘Made in Nepal vehicles, the embarrassing protocol at the Vehicle Registration Office at Gurjudhara states to register vehicles as per the VIN and Engine number written on the ‘Pragyapan Patra’ received at the Customs Clearing Office only.

Thus, the production of Yatri Motorcycle, Made in Nepal has stopped due to lack of legal laws. The citizens dream to see the development of Nepali products as well as Nepal has crashed due to this act of the Government. Similarly, a lot of citizens are angry too. They are raising questions such as `who is government working for?´ `why the legal bill of Nepal based products has not been passed yet?´

Although it is a very concerning topic for the pride of our country as these Made in Nepal electric bikes have a lot of possibility to crash the global market, the Government of Nepal is still not concerned about this issue.

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