The story of Avishek Tamang’s family (a boy studying at class 5),Eliphss school.

Recently, a lot of videos about a young boy studying at Eliphss school in class 5 is getting viral where his mother becomes furious at the school for burning her son’s boy without the permission of his family.

This is a story of a young boy Avishek Tamang. Avishek Tamang is a Nepalese boy who was studying in class 5 at Elipse school, Nayabazar, Kathmandu.Avishek was staying at hostel in Eliphss school.

According to his mother, the school found the dead body of Avishek and burned it without letting anyone from his family to know about the death of Avishek. Later, when the school called his family and his family insisted to see the dead body of Avishek, the school administrator neither let them see it nor do anything about it. Not only that, they also told that it was a suicide to all the students, teachers, media as well as his family members.

Later, the other students of the school including his friends also complained that the warden also didn’t treat them well. They also said that the warden used to be strict. He used to beat them. He used to clean all the floors of all the buildings to the children including Avishek Tamang.

Also Avishek Tamang lost his father at a young age and his mother was a foreign worker and she provided him a better life by working abroad but when she came to Nepal after hearing the news of her son’s death, she asked the teachers and the staff of the Eliphss school, they refused to give any information about her son neither they let her see her own son. when she came to Nepal after hearing the news of her son’s death, she found out that the school administration had already burned the body.

The news has recently spread all around the social media platforms so the Nepal police is yet to take any action about this topic to the school administration and the person involved in this case.

Don’t worry, your son will get the justice that he deserves and all the people involved in these activities will go behind bars as the police will soon take action against it.

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