TMKOC(Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma) getting cancelled?

Tmkoc is one of the biggest serial of India which was started by Neela Flim Production on july 8, 2008 and has being running since then. It is one of the most ran shows in the history of tv shows. But what is the reason that the show which was very popular and most watched show that ran 15 years is getting cancelled?

Well, the downfall of TMKOC all started when the popular actress Disha Vakani( Daya Jethalal Gada) left the show. Then slowly all the others popular characters like Roshan singh shodhi, mrs. Roshan, Tappu, Nattu kaka, and Tarak Meheta(Sailesh Lodha) itself left the show and were replaced by other actors and actresses.

Later, when it was asked to them then it was reveled that the TMKOC’s owner “Asit Kumarr Modi” harra*sed most of the actors and actresses. He mostly mentally and verbally harr*ssed them especially the actresses.

Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal (Mrs Roshan singh sodhi) later reveled that Asid Modhi, the owner of Neela Flim Production misbehaved with her. He said very offensive things not only to her but also to other actors. She also reveled that Mr.Ashid used to shout at all the actors and actresses and threaten them so that they won’t leave the show.

Not only Jennifer but other actresses such as Monika Bhadoriya (Bawri) also stated in an interview that he did the same thing to her. After she left the production team also didn’t pay her the remaining amount for 1 year.

But, other actors like Dillip Joshi(Jethalal) himself is supporting Ashid Modhi and it is only because of him that the show is getting maximum views these days as all the old and loved actors and actresses has already left the show.

What do you think who is right here? Is it a false allegation?

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